THD Acoustics Limited is a new energetic Hong Kong registered company specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of digital and audio products. Dedicated in the perfection of sound in consumer home environment, THD's product portfolio consists of MP3 player, 5.1 Surround Sound System, Amplifier, Speaker and Home Theatre. Besides Hong Kong self-owned head office, THD has branch and liaison offices and factories in mainland China.

With the high market sensitivity, THD can keep pace with the market prevailing trend for making product to satisfy the international customer needs. Besides, customers can also express their product idea and requirement so that THD’s R&D and engineering team can tailor-make unique product upon request. Customers from all over the world with any different product requirements are welcome.

Our vision is continuing to deliver and maintain the high standards that we all expect, THD is striding to integrate into everyone’s daily life.

Our mission is to supply advanced digital audio products with high international qualified standard at an affordable and reasonable price and to strive for perfect satisfaction of customer needs.

Our business include digital and audio product development and production. Both OEM and ODM business are welcome.


THD has its manufacturing plants in southern China.  Totally there are 3 factories for different product manufacturing. With the experience marketing and R&D staff, THD is able to keep a close eye on international market trend and create products to cater for different market needs.

  • Factory 1:

Address: Li-Heng Industrial Estate, Qingxi
Dongguan, Guangdong Province
Business: Tooling, Injection, Electronics assembly
Facilities: Over 10,000 square meters
Employee: 400
Certificate: ISO9001:2000, CE, CCC
Outgoing AQL: Major 1.5, Minor 4.0
  • Factory 2:

Address: Lu Family Building, Bao An Investment Group,
28 District, Bao An, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
Business: Digital and computer accessory product development, Electronic assembly
Facilities: Over 8,000 square meters
Employee: 600
Certificate: ISO9001:2000, CE, CCC
Outgoing AQL: Major 1.5, Minor 4.0


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